Processing & Shipment

How long will it take to make my Order?

All of our products are handcrafted and custom made to order for you in a small workshop in Berlin.

It usually takes 4-6 weeks from order to shipment (Standard). If you are in a rush, you can get Express processing by selecting the express shipping method to reduce that time to 1-2 weeks (extra charge).

How long will it take to arrive?

After your order is finished and posted, it usually* takes:

  • National (Germany): 1-2 business Days (Shipping with Deutsche Post Maxibrief Prio, Tracked- 6,80€
  • International (EU): 3-13 business Days (Shipping with DHL Germany International registered Letter, Tracked) - 9,70€
  • International (Worldwide): 20-30 business Days (Shipping with DHL Germany International registered Letter, Tracked-9,90€

*we are not responsible for delays in shipment after your order has been posted.

Do you ship worldwide?

Absolutely! Everywhere the post goes, our products can too. Unfortunately you will be responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.


How do I get the correct Legth for Collars / Cuffs?

Since All Collars and Cuffs are made to measure, it's extra important that you double check the length given on these products. ALL measurements have to be in centimeters! If you do not use the metric system, please use a size converter.

We recommend adding at least 1-2 cm to your exact neck-/ wristsize for optimal fit!

For best results, take new measurements before each order. Wrap a measure tape around your neck / wrist comfortably and take multiple measurements. Add at least 1-2 cm to the widest measurement taken.

Please allow up to 1 cm error in sizing due to all products being handmade.

What's the best Harness Size for me?

Our Harnesses come in the sizes XS to XXL. You can find size guides in each Harnesses product pictures and descriptions. We recommend taking each measurement provided and choose a size that gives you room to adjust in both directions.

  • Underbust measures the circumference right under the chest (for bra wearing people; thats the number before the cup size e.g. 75 C) For the Harness this measurement is best taken when inhaling.
  • Waist measures the narrowest circumference on your abdomen. This measurement is best taken when relaxed.
  • Thigh measures the widest circumference of your thigh. This measurement is best taken when standing and relaxed.

ALL measurements have to be in centimeters! If you do not use the metric system, please use a size converter.

Can't take precise measurements?

Maybe you want to gift a Collar to a loved one, or you're just not sure about the measurements you took?

In that case we recommend choosing an adjustable Buckle Add-On. You can find them on each Collars product page in the personalization menu. Since Cuffs and Harnesses are adjustable by default you don't have to add adjustable buckles for these.

Tipp: Try taking a measurement off a previous Collar/ Cuffs for an estimate sizing.

My Items don't fit. Can I get the size changed?

Unfortunately the size of our products can't be changed later on. Thats why it's so important you take extra care when choosing the size. Go for an adjustable option if you're unsure about the size.

We are not responsible for measuring errors. Please read our refund policy for more infos.

Clean & Care

Vegan Leather Products

All of our vegan leather products are made of Biothane. A waterproof and incredible resiliant material!

Even so, to ensure long lasting joy with these products please follow the following instructions:

  • Store them in the provided plastic bag, inside the velvet bag. Extended exposure to sunlight might lead to fading in color. Exposure to certain plastics and materials might stain the biothane permanently (especially on very light colors)
  • Wash with warm water and soap after wear. Extensive build up of body oils might lead to stiffening of the pvc/tpu coating.
  • Dry thoroughly if you washed it or it got wet otherwise. Repeated or extended exposure to humidity might cause the hardware to stain or loose its plating.

Genuine Leather Products

Our genuine leather products are made of the highest quality fat- and harness- leathers available to us, coming from national dealers.

Since genuine leather is a natural product, it needs regular Care, to ensure its longlivity. Please follow these steps regularly/ if needed:

  • Step 1 Apply the saddle soap to a damp sponge and massage it gently into the leather.
  • Step 2 Wipe off the excess with a wet cloth and dry all metal parts thoroughly to prevent staining.
  • Step 3 Apply a thin layer of the clear leather dressing with a soft cloth to keep the leather soft, smooth and nourished.

General instructions:

  • Best stored in the provided velvet bag.
  • Don't submerge in water.
  • Dry thoroughly if it gets wet.

All genuine leather Collars come with a 10g tin of Saddle Soap and Clear Leather Dressing for free.


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What's a Singleton?

Singletons are the ultimate one of a kind pieces, designed for you personally after your preferences and wishes.

These special Designs can have custom shapes, intricate Chainwork, special ordered hardware or Base Colors. There are (almost) no Limits to make these Designs truly unique!

What can I get for One Singleton Slot?

One Singleton Slot refers to one Project.

Meaning, this could be a Collar, a matching Collar and Cuff Set or something else entirely! If you're unsure, wether we will be able to fulfill your dream, please don't hestitate to contact us and ask.

How can I get one?

To get a Singleton project for yourself you have to buy a Singleton Slot Deposit. We then contact you with an extensive questionnaire and get started on the Design Process, as soon as you provided us with the answers.

These Slots will be released in very limited quantities. Singleton Releases are announced in advance via Social Media and our Newsletter, so be sure to subscribe to not miss out on the next one!

How much will my Singleton cost?

The Price on your Singleton depends on the extend of the project, the materials and complexity of the Design.

After the Design process is finished and you approved of the draft, you will get a quote for the entire Project minus the Deposit you've payed. You will be asked to pay the sum in full, in advance.

For example:

One Collar usually ranges from 200-250€

Please take that in mind before ordering! Payment Plans might be available, please contact us so we can figure out a solution for you!

I have my own Design. Can I get it as a Singleton?

Unfortunately we do not offer customs like that. All Singleton Designs are designed by us for you.

With years of experience and your trust we are confident that we can bring your wishes to live in a Subused Original Design!

You'll be involved in the design process from start to finish and get to make changes to our drafts until you're 100% happy with the Design.

This process does not only prevent disapointment on your end but also protects us from possibly stealing other artists work.

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