Need that little bit extra?

Every Singleton Design is designed for you personally after your preferences and made only once, making them the ultimate One of a kind pieces.

There's only a limited Quantity available at each release. Follow on Instagram or subscribe to the newsletter if you want to be notified for the next one!


All Questions about Singletons at once.

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What's a Singleton?

Singletons are the ultimate one of a kind pieces, designed for you personally after your preferences and wishes.

These special Designs can have custom shapes, intricate Chainwork, special ordered hardware or Base Colors. There are (almost) no Limits to make these Designs truly unique!

What can I get for One Singleton Slot?

One Singleton Slot refers to one Project.

Meaning, this could be a Collar, a matching Collar and Cuff Set or something else entirely! If you're unsure, wether we will be able to fulfill your dream, please don't hestitate to contact us and ask.

How can I get one?

To get a Singleton project for yourself you have to buy a Singleton Slot Deposit. We then contact you with an extensive questionnaire and get started on the Design Process, as soon as you provided us with the answers.

These Slots will be released in very limited quantities. Singleton Releases are announced in advance via Social Media and our Newsletter, so be sure to subscribe to not miss out on the next one!

How much will my Singleton cost?

The Price on your Singleton depends on the extend of the project, the materials and complexity of the Design.

After the Design process is finished and you approved of the draft, you will get a quote for the entire Project minus the Deposit you've payed. You will be asked to pay the sum in full, in advance.

For example:

One Collar usually ranges from 200-250€

Please take that in mind before ordering! Payment Plans might be available, please contact us so we can figure out a solution for you!

I have my own Design. Can I get it as a Singleton?

Unfortunately we do not offer customs like that. All Singleton Designs are designed by us for you.

With years of experience and your trust we are confident that we can bring your wishes to live in a Subused Original Design!

You'll be involved in the design process from start to finish and get to make changes to our drafts until you're 100% happy with the Design.

This process does not only prevent disapointment on your end but also protects us from possibly stealing other artists work.

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